Monday, February 20, 2006


Bubbleshare allows you to create your personal narrative by letting you upload a photo album and voice captions to go with it. Read how Aaron places it in the EFL/ESL classroom together with iPods and let your imagination wander. Things are becoming easier and easier and there are no technical excuses for not transforming your classroom into a creative studio, and encouraging students to produce their own content, according to their interests.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

ECML Blogging Project

Mario Camilieri and Peter Ford had already invited me last year to join the ECML Blogging Project as a guest to comment on several students' and teachers' blogs. I also opened my own blog: Bee-Blogging from the Tropics there.

Aaron Campbell posted about it onDekita after Peter outlined the project for us at the Blogstreams Salon.

This year my 39 10th graders will be participating in the project, interacting not only with students from different European countries who are also hosted there but also with the rest of the world through the P2P-EFL-ESL-X system. The ECML project hosts blogs in French and in English.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Full House

Full house at Tappedin last Sunday. 33 people from all over the world gathered for the Blogstreams Salon live chat with Ewan Mc Intosh. Ewan presented the blogging project with his students on a field trip to France and how fruitful and rewarding the experience was for all parties involved: students, parents, educators and management.

He insisted on the pedagogy behind the technology, a pedagogy of openness and cooperative work. He pointed out the digital divide in education is between those teachers who collaborate and who don't. He stressed the possibility of connecting and interacting that blogs offer and urged teachers to make time for blogging, by commenting and sharing information, opening their classrooms and practice to the world.

Here you can find the informal transcript to the conversation that took place and that will later be edited and archived at Tappedin under the Blogstreams thread.

Next session at Blogstreams will be on Sunday March 5th at 21:00 with theme and guest speaker to be announced. Stay tuned :-)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Blogstreams Salon 2006

This year the Blogstreams Salon meetings will be held only once a month, on every first Sunday of the month at 21:00 GMT.
For these occasions we will bring special guests to share with you the projects they are working on or just chat about blogging/podcasting/videocasting in general. Extra sessions may happen if the need arises.
To launch the first session of the year on February 5th, I have invited Ewan McIntosh, from the University of Stirling (Scottish Centre for Information on Language Teaching). He is working extensively with Learning and Teaching Scotland in Glasgow and giving conferences across Europe. Ewan, who is also a teacher of French and German, is a passionate edublogger , very much interested in international and cross-curricular cooperation, non-topic-based Intensive French pedagogy, educational weblogging and Podcasting.

Join us at Tappedin on Sunday 5th at 21:00 GMT .
Consult your local time. For those of you who have a little time this weekend and want to explore the resources Blogstreams Salon has to offer you, do the crossword puzzle quiz :-)