Monday, October 25, 2004

The ESP Game - labelling images

I have just come across the ESP Game while checking the Learning Post RSS feed.
This is a beta project is owned by Carnegie Mellon University and funded partly by the National Science Foundation.

The ESP Game is a two-player game. Each time you play you are randomly paired with another player whose identity you don't know. You can't communicate with your partner, and the only thing you have in common with them is that you can both see the same image. The images presented by the ESP Game are selected at random from the World Wide Web and the goal is to guess what your partner is typing on each image. Once you both type the same word(s), you get a new image.

I have enrolled and given it a try. I found it motivating and fun and it was difficult to close the screen and stop playing... I was however disapointed at the level of vocabulary as to pair quickly and move on, people resort to very basic words. What is interesting however is that at the end of the game you are allowed to see what other people have typed.

I will try it this afternoon with a class of mine if it opens at the school lab and record their reactions.

Adding video to Blogger

How to Video with Blogger is a tutorial by Svein Høier and Jon Hoem from the Arts and Media Dept., Norwegian University of Science and Technology. According to them, it is not difficult to do it. You just need some knowledge of HTML and an "interest in posting short videos regularly". The tutorial requires you invest on Quick Time PRO. Real, WMP, MPEG-4 and perhaps SMIL are also envisaged in future.

Looks interesting and holds promise. I will go into this when I have more time during the holidays :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I have been so busy preparing material for presentations, talking about blogging and collaborating on a course about blogging that have hardly had time to do any blogging myself
There is so much happening around, so much information to digest that this is how I have been feeling lately ... in a whirlwind, in the eye of a tornado, twisting and twirling, frustrated for not being able to stay quiet, for not having time to reflect on what is going on.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Incorporated Subversion

Australian James Farmer's online learning weblog Incorporated Subversion has moved to a new address. James has also decided to launch incsub. Through this new site he will provide hosting, consultation and support for educators interested in using technologies like blogs and wikis.

Wonderful interface and clean design. Thank you James and spreading the word :-)